Digital Signature Certificate

Digital Signature Certificates

A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) serves as a digital and legally recognised substitute for the conventional wet signature. It enables individuals to electronically access services, gather information online, and digitally sign documents. Moreover, a digital signature certificate can be employed to securely transmit encrypted emails.

Encryption + Sign
3 Years Validity

Digital Signature Certificate

DSC has become a well-known digital tool for signing digital documents and storing data. Various government departments and service sectors have come to depend on DSC for its user-friendly features and essential abilities in signing electronic documents. It provides advanced cybersecurity measures to safeguard confidential data during transmission and ensures the integrity of numerous online transactions.

In accordance with the Information Technology Act of 2000 by the Government of India, it is compulsory to submit tax returns, registration forms, and e-procurement documents with digital signature certificates. This requirement guarantees that the shared information remains unaltered and authenticates the identity of the signer.


Types Of DSC


Sign certificates are used for signing a document.


The encrypt certificate is used for encrypting the documents.

Combo ( Sign + Encrypt)

This Sign and Encrypt digital signature certificate can be used for both signing and encrypting purposes.

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Choose From Various Packages of Digital Signature Certificate.
Encryption + Signing (Combo)


Class 3 Combo 1 Year


Class 3 Combo 2 Year


Class 3 Combo 3 Year


Document Signer Certificate

Doc Signer 1 Year


Doc Signer 2 Year


Doc Signer 3 Year







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It is beneficial for verifying the personal information particulars of the account holder during online transactions.

Reduced cost and time

Rather than going through the hassle of physically signing hard copy documents and scanning them to send via e-mail, you can opt for digitally signing PDF files which can be sent much faster.

Data integrity

Digital documents that have been signed cannot be modified or edited once the signing process is complete, ensuring the safety and security of the data. Government agencies frequently request these certificates to validate and verify business transactions.

Authenticity of documents

Digitally signed documents instill confidence in the recipient, providing them with the assurance of the signer’s authenticity. With such documents, recipients can proceed with actions without any concerns about potential forgery.


Got a Question?

Our FAQ contains all your general question & their answers.

A digital signature is an electronic version of a signature that serves to verify the identity of the message sender or document signer. It also guarantees that the content of the message or document remains unaltered during transmission. Digital signatures are highly portable and cannot be replicated by unauthorized individuals. The assurance that the original signed message has been received makes it difficult for the sender to deny it later.

A. In general, one certificate should suffice for different applications. However, in some cases, a person with a lower assurance Class 2 certificate may need a higher assurance Class 3 certificate for certain applications. It is possible to use a higher assurance certificate for applications that require a lower assurance certificate. Additionally, depending on the information included in the digital signature certificate, such as a PAN number, an additional certificate may be necessary.

There are various ways in which Digital Signature Certificates can be utilized, including:
1. Sending and receiving emails that are digitally signed and encrypted.
2. Ensuring secure web-based transactions and identifying other participants in such transactions.
3. Utilizing in eTendering, eProcurement, MCA [For Registrar of Companies efiling], Income Tax [For efiling income tax returns] Applications, and many other applications.
4. Signing documents such as MSWord, MSExcel, and PDFs.
5. Playing a crucial role in establishing a paperless office.

Class 3: The verification criteria include the following:
1. Valid ID Proof and Address Proof
2. Submission of a paper-based application form along with relevant supporting documents
3. Completion of SMS verification and Video Verification. Additionally, the generation and storage of Private Key must be done using a Hardware cryptographic device that is validated to FIPS 140-1/2 level 2.

A digital signature refers to an electronic technique used for signing electronic documents, while a Digital Signature Certificate is a computerized record that fulfills the following criteria:
1. Identifies the Certifying Authority responsible for its issuance.
2. Contains the name and other relevant details that can identify the subscriber.
3. Includes the subscriber’s public key.
4. Is digitally signed by the Certifying Authority that issued it.
5. Remains valid for a period of either one year or two years.

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